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Photo Sorter uses EXIF data to turn your entire photo archive composed of shots taken by different people
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6 April 2010

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Digital photography is something most of us enjoy and look forward to click loads of snaps over trips spent out of town and vacations enjoyed during holidays. Huge number of photos are clicked during these times and dumped on the computer hard drive in numerous folders out of which few of them are uploaded on social networking sites and another few are e-mailed or deleted on account of being duplicates. Overall, effective management of all digital images is a painstaking task that requires lot of time and energy and also entails lot of confusion to locate and search where all the photos are stored and kept. Adebis Photo Sorter 1.0 as the name suggests arranges all images effectively for its user neatly organized.

Adebis Photo Sorter opens with a light hued compact interface with the options arranged neatly across the window. The major options are located at the top and simple steps sorted for storing photos. The problem of haphazard photo storage and chaos can be soundly handled through this application avoiding any manual efforts or time consumption with the help of its automatic grouping and placement as per user discretion. The software uses the EXIF data to identify the date and time of the photo taken and even the camera used, and sorts them relevantly as per people, locations, dates and cameras used. A majority of formats are supported by the application including the RAW files, and arranges them without disturbing the quality and originality. Moreover, the usage does not require any expertise and takes just a few ‘clicks’ to get to know the software.

To conclude, Adebis Photo Sorter 1.0 certainly proves to be a manageable application that arranges all images carefully for its users, and can be a great tool for professional photographers to organize their collections and gets a rating score of four points for its neat organizing capabilities.

Publisher's description

If you have had a digital camera for a while, you probably have hundreds of photos on your hard drive. Add the photos that your friends and family dump on your computer in folders named like "Summer_New_2" and "Photos_Lake (John)" - and you have a huge, hardly usable and hardly searchable collection of digital shots. Apparently, that's not what you initially planned for your photo archive, but how do you sort and organize a thousand photographs without spending a couple of weekends on this? The answer is quite simple - Adebis Photo Sorter.
Adebis Photo Sorter efficiently solves one of the fundamental problems that most digital photo enthusiasts eventually face - the problem of complete chaos and disorganization in their photo collections. As a rule, manual sorting and renaming take unreasonable amounts of time that few of us can afford. Fortunately, this software dramatically facilitates the process of sorting and organizing your digital photos by automatically grouping and placing them into separate folders according to user-defined sorting rules.
Photo Sorter uses EXIF data normally found in photo files to identify the date and time at which each photo was taken, as well as the name of the camera used. All this allows you to make just a few mouse clicks to turn your entire photo archive composed of shots taken by different people, different cameras and on different days into a set of folders with relevant photos inside. The program supports the majority of modern image formats, including RAW files, and also enables you to batch-rename photos according to a predefined mask, create custom tag-based sorting rules and sort photos without affecting the original files. All the advanced features of Photo Sorter are accessible through a simple and intuitive interface that takes minutes to get used to.
Adebis Photo Sorter is an excellent photo sorting tool that will save countless hours of your time and will bring long-sought order to your vast photo collection.
Adebis Photo Sorter
Adebis Photo Sorter
Version 1.0
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